I’d like to share my revamped website with you all. Since I started my company 5 years ago, my focus has gradually evolved. My clients are still predominantly universities but I also do some work with industry and individuals (especially researchers). Over the last couple of years I’ve focused on building up my coaching and mentoring practice while still offering support with developing research impact case studies.

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During a 35 year career in higher education, Jenny Ames led a productive research group, worked with people from a wide range of subject areas  and countries and collaborated with organisations from various sectors. She held the title of Professor at 6 universities, graduated ~25 PhD students and mentored ~25 contract researchers. Jenny was also a senior manager for 8 years. As Associate Dean and Assistant Pro Vice Chancellor, Jenny led on Research Impact at University level. In 2017 was she was made Founding Research Impact Lead for University Alliance.
Since 2017, Jenny has been Director of Jenny Ames Consulting Ltd. Jenny’s coaching practice focuses on university researchers and people in career transition. She also delivers training for groups. Her clients are both universities and researchers on a private basis.  Jenny holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring Practice from Oxford Brookes University. She is also a Member of the Association for Coaching (MAC). Jenny has been a role model for the Aurora Leadership Development Programme for women run by Advance HE. She was also a facilitator on ‘Entrepreneurial Leaders’, a programme for senior university leaders run by the National Centre for Entrepreneurship in Education (NCEE).


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