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Our vision is two-fold. First, to ensure that individuals are empowered to reach their personal potential. Second, to ensure that research undertaken in universities achieves the maximum benefit for society including the economy.

Our mission is to work with individuals and universities to achieve these goals.

All of our work is done remotely or on-line. We and our clients find that this works very well since it becomes much easier to organise one-to-one meetings or coaching sessions without the need to travel. Also, everyone can log into workshops from their office, home or other location as suits them.

We will listen to you to understand your requirements and make suggestions about ways to address them.

All of our assignments are bespoke to ensure that we meet your needs. We will collaborate with you to scope out the work, considering both your long-term and short-term requirements. We will encourage you to be ambitious and creative in your approach. You are in the driving seat.

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Coaching and mentoring to develop talent

A talented and diverse workforce is key to your success. Coaching is recognised to be a powerful way to develop staff and help them to reach their potential. Jenny Ames Consulting can assist by offering one-to-one coaching for your staff personally using e.g. Teams or Zoom.

We are also experienced at working with private coaching clients.

For those of you who are new to coaching, we have written a post to explain what coaching involves. In a nutshell, we aim to provide you with a safe, confidential space to think about and reflect on a challenge you may be facing. You will provide the agenda while we will listen carefully to what you say and ask you questions to help you to consider the challenge in different ways. The aim is to help you to find ways forward. At the client’s request, mentoring is available alongside coaching. Mentoring involves us offering advice based on the depth and breadth of our experience in universities and university research. This distinguishes it from coaching.

Our coaching focus

You may be a university researcher (ranging from research student to research leader). For example, you may be a mid-career academic who needs to get more grants before being considered for promotion. Or you may be a postdoctoral researcher who is wondering about a complete career change.

Alternatively, you may be a researcher or other academic in career transition. For example, you may be thinking about a major career change, such as leaving employment and setting up a business. Or you may have recently been promoted to your first leadership and management role, such as head of a small group or department.

Personal development workshops to develop talent

You may have a group of researchers whom you are aware have similar development needs. This might be, for example, time management, preparing for promotion or leadership development. We provide personal development workshops to convey information, set out options, share tips, and promote discussion among attendees. Personal development workshops include time for attendees to sketch out an action plan for themselves on the topic.

Workshops are generally two hours long, but longer or shorter events may be agreed. All workshops are bespoke. We make the text of slides available following the workshop. You may wish to consider following a workshop with one-to-one coaching.

Research impact workshops

Maximise the impact of university research in society.

You may wish to develop a widespread impact culture in your research group, department or university. Alternatively, you may have some researchers or research support staff who have been tasked with the development of an impact case study for the first time – either for the next or the following REF.

Jenny Ames Consulting can assist by providing bespoke workshops for groups of researchers, support staff and others.

Our workshops are useful for conveying and explaining information to groups (typically 5-30 people). Breakout sessions allow small groups of attendees to consider how they might apply the information regarding:

  • Developing a research impact culture in their Department, Institute or University
  • Planning to achieve and evidence impact from their research
  • Preparing to write their REF impact case study.

Research impact consultancy

Our consultancy work can be desk-based as well as working one-to-one with individuals. It might involve, for example:

  • Critiquing a draft Research Impact Strategy
  • Reviewing current strategies and other information prior to advising on opportunities to embed an impact culture
  • Critiquing emerging REF impact case studies
  • Discussing, advising and supporting REF case study authors to produce the best possible case studies

Other ways of working with Jenny Ames Consulting

In addition to REF impact case studies, we also work with universities to support the development of their environment statements for the REF.

We will always consider requests to work with you on projects or topics not listed here but which draw upon our expertise. Contact us

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